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Give the child a bigger world
One of Phnom Penh enjoys Singapore's quality education resources
Life is young, the spirit of the patent, grow into the post, thinking of dissolution; need to teach early, do not lose machine also. "Children grow up is the heart of a family, it is a key to the happiness of life.For the education under the pressure of Chinese college entrance examination," take a different way, not the monotony of the college entrance examination overwhelming "is the voice of many parents, but educational resources Of the scarcity, but also have to face the problem at the same time we compare the education power of Singapore.

◇ Singapore education leading world education
Singapore has always been a rejuvenated country, with the world's leading educational concept system, has long been the innovation as the source of the development of education, student innovation is the forefront of the world. In the "2016 Global Innovation Index" report jointly released by Cornell University, the French Anglo-International Business School and the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Singapore Institute Innovation Index ranked first in Asia, of course, to read on a high-quality Singapore Academy Is a very difficult thing.

◇ the door of the world academy respect for education frontier
One of Phnom Penh has spent a lot of money and has been studying and coordinating many years. We have introduced Singapore's premier Singapore international school to provide more professional protection for our children's education. Large teaching space configuration, modern educational facilities, advanced information technology, science and technology, multi-disciplinary multi-disciplinary teaching concept system for children to provide a more perfect educational platform. So that children stay at home, you can enjoy the exclusive quality of foreign education. So that parents really enjoy reading, live multiple vision. Help talent pride, the achievements of the future of the elite.

◇ mission to see the future strength of life
As a responsible real estate business, GRED real estate is well aware of the importance of child education, as a high-end life to create, is committed to the first-class international education, healthy ecological life, quality resort experience the perfect combination of three, shaping the quality of human living environment The Which makes One Park Phnom Penh One has a high international standard education package, become the inevitable choice. From the site to go through a thorough and rigorous consideration, the final placement Phnom Penh most humanistic location. Here collection of Phnom Penh quality education resources, improve the teaching venues, to meet the different age of children kindergarten to the University of the whole system of education needs.

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