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On the day of the Phnom Penh One of the overseas properties
On the Match of Overseas Real Estate
Happy to love every day
One of Phnom Penh's enchanted international holidays

▲ Am 7:30
With the birds outside the window and familiar with the romantic blues love songs to wake up, warm sunshine accompanied by the revival of the Phnom Penh intercity landscape into the room, wake up the vitality of the heart.

▲ Am 8:00
Through the beautiful exquisite garden, so dawn to close a family figure, stroll during the tea shop in Guangdong to buy the whole family used to breakfast. Not far from the home of the famous school entrance, smiling and children farewell, Singapore-style education always let the children more than the same age children more sensible, see them happy with the tricks of childhood, what is better than that?

▲ Am 10:30
The international trend of Phnom Penh life, then only more dazzling, 5 minutes will be able to reach the largest commercial center in Phnom Penh - Parkson shopping malls, heap area TK commercial street, bringing together a single trend of fashion health, quality high-end exquisite business, all-encompassing life supermarket , One-stop consumer experience to meet all the needs of life. If there is any inconvenience, it does not matter, around Canada and China Bank, Anda Bank, Bank of China and other financial institutions ring, to facilitate business business life needs.

▲ Pm 12:30
Visitors tired, home downstairs club pure French restaurant, looking out the window of the bustling city business, or overlooking the beautiful Phnom Penh City, goblet red wine flick, tell the wine wine life happy, taste delicious, Including the taste of graceful, love the rich, point a just right of the steak, feeling very good.

▲ Pm 14:30
About the next door of Mrs. Zhang shopping, I heard in the downstairs [Phnom Penh One Commercial Street] and opened a few trend shop and to a lot of new, must have to see, but also "buy" crazy, window Gorgeous costumes, interpretation of the unique Mood for Love; characteristics of the International Living Museum, rejuvenated fashion life experience; Linglong sea Amoy fine house, tasting extremely up to people interesting.

▲ Pm 16:00
This time is the best time for the sisters of the tea, watching the balcony of the sun just, sisters at this time is the most topic, talk about life, simple is not simple.

▲ Pm 17:30
Looked at Mr.'s car slowly into the ground dedicated smart parking lot, standing at the entrance to the elevator, want to give him a little surprise.

▲ Pm 20:00
After dinner, and Mr. walk the garden trees trail, in the hazy night, feel the charm of light and shadow brownstone. Or in the national standard professional runway run a 2 laps, so that the vitality of the movement for today's praise.

▲ Pm 22:00
Noble life courtesy, before going to bed a cup of pure red wine downstairs origin of red wine, sleep particularly fragrant!

Romantic life, lingering around the body
Relaxed vacation life, enjoy life

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