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A medal tells the story: Sino-Cambodian friendship hundred refining steel
"Dear China, my heart is not changed, she will always miss you ... ... Cambodian people are your friends forever!" How deep is the traditional friendship between China and Cambodia? Former king of Cambodia Sihanouk a "miss China" Road, the courage of the Sino-Cambodian friendship. Today, China-Cambodia relations "four good positioning" can be seen - live in harmony with a good neighbor, brother-in-law good brother, liver and gallbladder good friends, solidarity with good partners. Cambodia has always maintained its impartiality and speaks to the world to show the friendship between the small and the great powers, which is equal and sincere, united and assured. The visit of the President also made the world feel further about the close and sincere relationship between China and Cambodia.

> Daughter easy to get, easy to find friends

From 1970 to Cambodia domestic coup to 1975 Prince Sihanoukou as a head of state to return home. Five years, the Prince of the kingdom of the national government led by the Chinese people's strong support, Sihanouk has personally created the "miss China", "Long live, the people of China; Long live, Chairman Mao Zedong" and "ah, My beloved second country "and so praise the Sino-Cambodian friendship songs, but also specially produced the Cambodian friendship badge. Every one, will be sent to the Chinese friends as a souvenir, then, there are many important figures have been the prince's "gift." "Cambodia Friendship Medal" for the whole gilt process, the last century 70 years ago, this is a very good gilt process, we can see the friendship between Cambodia and Thailand.


> China-Cambodia friendship is real
China and Cambodia, although a big country, a small country, but the friendship between the two countries real. China is sincere to Cambodia and can do its utmost to help its development. When the two countries have not yet established diplomatic relations, China has begun to provide substantial assistance to Cambodia. An official in Cambodia has used three sentences to summarize the characteristics of China's aid: First, "fast", urgent Cambodia's urgency; the second is "quasi", in line with the actual needs of Cambodia's economic development; three "no additional conditions", mutual Respect, equal treatment, non-interference in internal affairs.


 > Sino-Cambodian friendship such as wine mellow
Common concept, the test of wind and rain, sincere mutual help, so that China-Cambodia friendship as wine, more Chen Yue incense. Into the 21st century, China-Cambodia relations into the fast lane. The two leaders exchanged visits and pushed bilateral relations forward. In 2010, the relationship between the two countries upgraded to "comprehensive strategic partnership." The meeting between President Xi Jinping and King Sihamoni of Cambodia pointed out that China and Cambodia are good neighbors who are brothers and sisters and are good friends and friends. The two sides in the political, economic, cultural, tourism, economic and trade, investment and other areas of confidence. Cambodia firmly adheres to the one-China policy and pursues a just stand of maintaining Cambodia's cooperation with China and safeguarding the cooperative relations between Cambodia and ASEAN countries. At present, China and Cambodia actively promote the "one side of the road" initiative and the Cambodian "four-corner strategy" docking, for the common development into a new impetus. China-Cambodia relations are moving towards a brighter future.