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A witness to the profound friendship of the program

China and Cambodia friendship than Jin Jian

In the Chinese archives in 2015, a 59-year-old performance program was exhibited. It was November 22, 1956, when Premier Chou En-lai visited Cambodia, the Cambodian government held a welcome party on November 25 at the Phnom Penh government building. The program covers the contents of the party in three languages, including Cambodia and Cambodia. Live leaf forest paper, the word blue print, paper elegant, well-printed, see the object side of the host's care and thought.


In response to the visit to Premier Zhou, the Cambodian government announced a national holiday on 22 November. At that time Phnom Penh has a total population of 300,000, there are more than 100,000 people gathered in the slope into the East Airport and the road leading to the palace to a warm welcome. There were five hundred people who attended the banquet. They included Prince Sihanouk, royal family, senior military and political officials, diplomatic envoys of various countries and members of the International Committee. On the outside of the government building where the banquet was held, the masses gathered at the Mekong River. They heard through the loudspeaker Sihanouk Prince and Zhou Enlai talked about the friendship between China and Cambodia, are warmly applauded.


Premier Zhou 's visit, so that the whole city joy. In the city, on the road of the prime minister, on both sides of the crowd, they would rather in the hot hot sun, stood a few hours. As long as Premier Zhou's car passed, they would applaud, even in the suburbs, thousands of people crowded on both sides of the road. For such a grand occasion, the local newspaper commented that "Cambodia has never given such a big welcome to its guests in history." King Sihanouk also personally flew the plane, accompanied by Premier Zhou and He Long in the air aerial view of the capital of Phnom Penh this beautiful city.



After a lapse of 60 years on October 13, 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping was invited to visit Cambodia. President Xi Jinping made a special trip from the Chinese archives to collect photos for Prime Minister Hun Sen sent this precious gift. Album, recorded during the Sihanouk Prince in China during the week with Premier Zhou Enlai drip past. Photo paper yellow, the mark has been light, meet the people of the room to read, immersed in the moving and warm. Across half a century of friendship, his right to. Prime Minister Hun Sen recalled with excitement: "In 1956, Premier Zhou visited, and I offered him flowers at the airport, and I was so excited.

In 1958, China and Cambodia established formal diplomatic relations, which was also the year when China-Cambodia friendly relations were created, and laid a solid friendship in China and Cambodia later.