Intimate property respected courtesy of private butler service to really sincere
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The real respect for the service, not only only meticulous intimate, more satisfied with the customer's feelings of happiness. As the first character of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh - One Park Phnom Penh One, not only five-star hotel management experience "private steward", exclusive service senior security system, comparable to the French court garden care ... ... and for the owners were carefully To create a high-level custom property, enjoy the basic necessities of life and other comprehensive health services, and strive for every owner to create a perfect "dream home."


Savills Luxury Property Service Leader, "The World's Top Five", "The World's Top Property Manager", "Founded in 1855", "Britain's Largest Property Management Company", First Pacific David Since its inception, it has always maintained a rapid development momentum, service footprints throughout the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. To provide customers with innovative real estate solutions for customers to provide comprehensive property services support, including office buildings, luxury, hotel service apartments, shops and other comprehensive property system.


First Pacific Davis Pivota property management company providing property services for One Park Phnom Penh One project provides professional advice on property services. Pivota Property Management Co., Ltd. is committed to serving high-end boutique projects, with the quality of the dedication to take care of your work and life needs, family care, friendship, friendship and your pursuit of the supreme pursuit of doing your private housekeeper.

Now the house life is the way of vacation, the house needs is a kind of quality living house, that is One Park Phnom Penh One house, house here, without worry about three meals a day, without worrying about daily necessities. Just call the platinum butler service to solve all things. Stay at home, enjoy exclusive clothing and clothing services.

Open the curtains, bright morning sunshine full of room, Phnom Penh panoramic view, a cup of mellow coffee to wake up the body of each cell, a balanced diet of sandwich make up the energy, put on a decent dress with a decent, perfectly open New day.

Living in One Park Phnom Penh One, all this is no longer stay in the imagination of life, but Pivota five-star property management team to provide you with the daily service every day.


At One Park Phnom Penh, you will be willing to slow down, turn your 5 minute rush into a 10 minute leisure and discover the same. Encircle the garden in the occasional trickle and lush shrubs, enjoy the master made the landscape taste, stay at home to enjoy the best of the world, really comfortable.

At the same time, Pivota five-star property management team 365 days a year garden care and conservation, but also to ensure the beauty of the four seasons.

One Park Phnom Penh One Pivota five-star property management team allows you to enjoy the happy moments with family. See the micro-know, when the reunion of every detail highlights the intentions of the family.

Enjoy a five-star service at One Park Phnom Penh, plan a meeting for the family, talk about life, tasting, tastes delicious; play in the open-air swimming pool, get closer to each other, enjoy Tianlun.


Pivota offers you not only a full butler service, more like a family-like care for everyone.

One Park Phnom Penh One Taste is a level of standard where you can enjoy personalized custom housekeeper value-added services, so that at the peak of the situation you are released from the busy, enjoy the taste of life, as long as you have demand, private steward can To provide you with intimate service.


Here, One Park Phnom Penh One fully enclosed security system will protect your life care. Provide 24-hour security patrol, intelligent multi-storey access control security system, three-dimensional distribution point monitoring system to create a fully enclosed private community.

From the "star" big housekeeper, harvest the natural happiness.

One Park Phnom Penh One will also provide 24-hour emergency services, all-round health care, car pick-up service, professional on behalf of the rental service, all-weather fault system, full-time domestic and medical services. So that you feel the personal steward of the sincere heart.

With One Park Phnom Penh One For you to enjoy the first Pacific Davis standard property steward service, Pivota makes every day your trip and riches are a pleasant life on the temple.

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