human resources
Rende based, pioneering and innovative, eclectic with talent.

Both ability and political integrity of the company is the eternal pursuit of the company, but the moral, stresses integrity is the primary measure.

In the company to the development of the occasion, we open the embrace, welcome to talk about integrity, thought, have the potential, the courage to innovate the talent to join us on the skills of a long talent, we will be enthusiastic to hire.

Broad space for development

The principle of the employment of the company is: to know people to make good use of, apply only; employing the director, the people of the short; can those who are flat, let the people under the deep excavation of the potential of each colleague, to maximize its enthusiasm and initiative At the same time, pay attention to each employee's personality and diversity of organic combination, adhere to the people to do their best to use their best to do their best to make every effort to help every colleague to obtain work on the success.

  We are committed to helping young people grow rapidly and create opportunities for talented and talented people to provide a wide range of opportunities for talented people to provide a broader platform for the development and display of talent.

In the case of Results shared platform

To the development of staff to promote the development of enterprises, which is our long-term goal. The company to share the results as a way to enhance staff enthusiasm to maintain employee stability of the core policy, in a timely manner in accordance with the degree of personal contribution to the implementation of various personalized incentives. At the same time, boldly promoted young, have the potential, ability, the idea of ​​the staff, it is the active encouragement of these young talent, only to make the company constantly full of vitality.